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UZTELECOM abonentlari uchun "Omadli Balans"!!

250 000 000 SO'M
20 000 000 SO'M

hisobingizni to'ldiring va yutish uchun ball to'plang

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Ballar va Sovrinlar
Imkoniyatlaringizni oshiring! Qancha ko'p bo'lsa, shuncha ko'p ball!

100 000 SO'M


Har kuni tegishli kun uchun eng ko'p ball to'plagan abonent 100 000 so'm mobil balansini yutib oladi!
20 000 000 SO'M


Har oyda tegishli oylik davr uchun eng ko'p ball to'plagan ishtirokchi 20 000 000 so'm yutib oladi!
250 000 000 SO'M


6 oy davomida eng ko‘p ball to‘plagan, shuningdek, viktorinaga obuna bo‘lgan abonent quyidagi jadvalda ko‘rsatilgan to‘ldirish diapazonlari bo‘yicha yakuniy sovrinlardan birini yutib oladi!

Yakuniy Sovrinlarni Taqsimlash

Faqat hisobingizni to'ldiring va ishtirok eting! Har bir inson kunlik yoki oylik sovrinlarni yutib olishi mumkin!

*888# tering yoki

888 ga HA ni yuboring  

Yakuniy sovrinlar o'yinida ishtirok uchun obuna bo'ling!
250 000 000 SO'M!

Har bir to'ldirish uchun 2 barobar ko'proq ball oling!

topup screen 2.png

Qo'shilish qoidalari

Aksiyaning 888 qisqa raqamiga SMS yuborgan yoki *888# USSD aksiya kodini tergan har bir abonent xizmatga obuna bo‘ladi va viktorinaga birinchi ulanishi bilan darhol hisobda 500 ballga ega bo‘ladi. Viktorina kunlik pullik obuna (QQS bilan kuniga 2200 so'm) asosida amalga oshiriladi.

Yakuniy mukofot qoidalari

Yakuniy sovrin jamg'armasi faqat viktorina obunachilari uchun mavjud bo'ladi. Viktorina obunasini faollashtirgan abonentlar har bir toʻldirish uchun 2 barobar koʻp ball va har kuni toʻlangan obuna kuni uchun barqaror 500 ball, shuningdek, toʻgʻri javob berilgan savollar uchun ball oladi.

Yosh qoidalari

Aksiya va Viktorinada O'zbekiston Respublikasining 18 yoshga to'lgan va ushbu viktorinada ko'zda tutilgan shartlarga muvofiq Operator bilan uyali aloqa xizmatlarini taqdim etish shartnomasi bo'yicha oldindan to'lov tizimidagi tarif rejalarining abonentlari bo'lgan shaxslar ishtirok etishlari mumkin.

Shartlar va Qoidalar

  • What is "Lucky Balance" campaign?
    "Lucky Balance" is a winning campaign/promotion for UZTELECOM subscribers allowing to gain points by replenishing their balance and to win valuable prizes. Also, subscribing to the Quiz, all subscribers can get 2 times more points for their recharges and daily 500 points for paid subscription. Users collect points in accordance with the amounts of replenishment, for a daily subscription, for answering quiz questions, and each Participant has an overall rating from the points received. Subscribers with the most points are selected as the winner and receive prizes. The program will cover several stages and each stage will have its own prize fund.
  • What prizes will be awarded?
    All subscribers who replenish their balance will be able to claim daily and monthly prizes. Winners will be selected among subscribers according to their points (recharge points + quiz points) for a particular day or month. The final prize pool will be available only to quiz subscribers. Also, the final prize pool will be divided among the levels/subscribers according to the main ranges of replenishment amounts, and the final winners will be selected from each level. The winner of each range is determined by the maximum points scored in the corresponding range. If the subscriber will be the winner in several ranges, he/she will be awarded by the prize of the highest range. Daily Prize - I place: 100 000 UZS mobile balance. Monthly Prize - I place: 20 000 000 UZS. Final Prize:
  • How many points I will get for replenish?
    Hisobni to'ldirish evaziga ballar quyidagi jadvalga muvofiq beriladi:
  • How to participate?
    All subscribers of the Uztelecom Operator can participate in the campaign recharging the mobile balance or joining to the Quiz. To join to the quiz, users need to send an SMS to the short number 888 or dial *888#. In response to his subscription request, the subscriber receives a free welcome SMS message explaining the rules of the quiz and subscription.
  • How will I know how many points I got for my topup?
    Subscribers usually are notified about collected points after their replenishes. Also, everyone can check collected points and get more info sending the command INFO to the short number 888 or dial *888*2#
  • Why I need to subscribe to the campaign?
    The users subscribed to the campaign get 2 times more points for their replenishes and 500 points daily for the subscription. Besides, all subscribers who replenish their balance will be able to claim daily and monthly prizes. The final prize pool will be available only to quiz subscribers.
  • How should I subscribe?
    To subscribe to the campaign, users can send any SMS to the short number 888 or dial *888#. In response to his subscription request, the subscriber receives a free welcome SMS message with the information about the rules of the quiz and subscription.
  • How do I play the game?
    After activating the subscription, the subscriber can send START to the short number 888 to start the game in comfortable time for itself. Sending the command START user is sent questions. Each subscriber can answer 20 questions per day. Player should choose the correct answer of the each question between the options 1, 2, 3, 4 and send back to the short number 888 the number of the correct answer. Next question is sent only after the user answers to previous one.
  • What is the language of the quiz?
    The quiz is provided in Uzbek (main language, default language) and Russian (language of the Subscriber's choice). To change the language of the quiz to Russian, the subscriber must send the keyword - RU to the short number 888. To return to the Uzbek language, the user must send the keyword - UZ to the short number 888.
  • How many points do I get from Quiz?
    Quiz subscribers get 2 times more points for each top-up and daily 500 points for the subscription. Additionally, each correct answer gives to the user 100 points.
  • How long will the campaign continue?
    The “Lucky Balance” campaign will start in 25.08.2023 and continue with different concepts and prize funds.
  • How many prizes can I win?
    1 mobile number can win 1 type of the prize just once during the action.
  • How will be the prizes awarded?
    We will contact the winner and inform about the delivery process. Prizes are not delivered; the winner will receive its prize in our office; or in a place designated by us.
  • How much does the Service cost?
    The service fee is 2200 UZS (including VAT) for 1 subscription day. If the user does not have enough amount on his / her balance for the full price, he / she will be charged by lower amount and receive lower tokens and points in accordance with the amount of the accrued payment: 2200 UZS – 500 points; 20 questions 1650 UZS – 375 points; 15 questions 1100 UZS – 250 points; 10 questions 550 UZS – 125 points; 5 questions If the user's balance is insufficient for the daily subscription, his / her access to the service will be blocked until the next successful payment.
  • How can I unsubscribe from the service?
    To deactivate the service, user can send a free SMS with the word “STOP” to the service number 888 or dial *888*0#.
  • I don’t want to get notification after my top-up. What should I do?
    Dialing the command *888*888#, it is possible to stop getting notifications after replenishes.
  • If I unsubscribe from the service, will the points I earned be lost?
    No, your points will remain until the end of the quiz. However, if you stop participating, other participants may score more points.

G'oliblar bilan tanishing!

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